Emir of Qatar receives first two NH90 NFH helicopters for naval missions from Leonardo

The Emir of Qatar Air Force received the first two NH90 helicopters for naval missions, from the final assembly line from the Venezia Tessera facility (Italy).

The Emir of Qatar Air Force is one of the most prominent users of the Leonardo NH90 helicopters, as both versions of the TTH operate for a range of ground operations and naval missions.

In addition to serving as the lead contractor for the overall program, Leonardo is responsible for the final assembly and delivery of 12 NH90 NFH helicopters from the Venice facility to facilitate the delivery of a comprehensive support and maintenance package, training and related infrastructure.

The NH90 Helicopter Program, operated by NHIndustries Joint Venture, is the largest military helicopter program in Europe, with around 470 units in service worldwide. The platform has recorded about 330,000 flight hours in a wide range of weather and environmental conditions on land and at sea.

Rome – Qatar Air Force NH90 Program Emir witnessed a significant new achievement with the delivery of the first two NFH helicopters on March 31, which came in line with contractual obligations, during an official ceremony held at the headquarters of the final assembly line “Leonardo Fenice. Facilitator NH90 ”in Italy, in the presence of representatives of The Qatar Emiri Air Force, Leonardo Corporation and NH Industries, helicopter manufacturer. The event follows the delivery of the first TTH aircraft to ground operations from the Airbus helicopter facility in Marignan, France in December 2021, while the second TTH was delivered soon after. The first NFH Navy helicopter appeared to the public in Qatar on December 18, 2021 during the country’s National Day.

Information about the NH90 helicopter program in Qatar

The NH90 program in Qatar includes 16 NH90 TTH helicopters for ground operations and 12 NH90 NH90 helicopters for naval missions, in addition to a comprehensive support package for related maintenance, training and infrastructure services. The Emir of Qatar Air Force is one of the most prominent users of the Leonardo NH90 helicopter and owns the TTH and NFH versions of the NH90. The program is characterized by the possibility of future expansion with the ability to add 6 + 6 units by diversifying the features of the TTH and NFH versions. In addition to serving as the main contractor for the overall program, Leonardo is responsible for the final assembly and delivery of 12 NH90 NFH helicopters from the Venice facility for facilitation. The company also offers simulators, training aids, comprehensive maintenance support, and training packages for cabin crew and maintenance technicians. Leonardo contributes to and supports the integration of several aircraft cargo and sensors, including the Leonardo LEOSS-T HD photovoltaic system, HD video recorder, automatic identification system, Tactical Video Connection and HDTV for cabin consoles. Airbus Helicopters is responsible for the final assembly of the 16 NH90 TTH aircraft. Delivery will continue until 2025.

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Note to editors regarding Leonardo’s contribution to NH90

Leonardo is responsible for or contributes to the design, manufacture and integration of a wide range of critical NH90 components and systems. This includes the rear tube, hydraulic system of the main gearbox, upper modes of the automatic flight control system (AFCS), factory management system, power plant integration, NFH mission system (integration of sonar, radar, electro -optics, tactical links, electronic warfare system, IFF Investigation Technology, mission video recording, weapon systems management including surface-to-air missiles, anti-ground torpedoes (ASuW) and mission missions.

Anti-submarine (ASW). Leonardo offers other opportunities as well; It includes: the Laser Obstruction Avoidance Monitoring System (LOAM), the LEOSS-T photoelectric system (also selected by the German Navy for the new NH90 multi-function helicopter program), a shaft-mounted vehicle and Gatling guns for selected customers.

Note to editors on NH90

The NH90 is the largest military helicopter program in Europe and is the ideal choice for modern operations thanks to its fully integrated airframe, large cockpit, excellent weight-to-weight ratio and wide range of equipment. The program features a four-way flight control system to reduce mission burden on the pilot and improve flight handling characteristics. It is available in two main variants: one for naval operations, NH90 NFH (NATO Frigate Helicopter) and another for ground operations, TTH (tactical transport helicopter). Today, approximately 470 NH90s of both versions are deployed worldwide. Operational aircraft have recorded about 330,000 flight hours in various weather conditions, on land and overseas.

About NH Industries

NH Industries, the largest helicopter joint venture in European history, is a leading manufacturer of the latest generation of military helicopters, designing, manufacturing and supporting the NH90. It also offers the best in the European defense and helicopter industry. Owned by Airbus Helicopters (62.5%), Leonardo (32%) and JKN Fokker (5.5%), the company has a long history and history in the world of aviation, where its expertise and knowledge are used to deliver the most products good in class.

For more information: www.nhindustries.com

About Leonardo:

Leonardo is a world leader in high technology, one of the ten best companies in the world in aerospace, defense and security and the leading industrial company in Italy. Structured in five business segments, Leonardo has a significant presence in the industrial scene in Italy, the United Kingdom, Poland and the United States, where it also operates through its subsidiaries, such as Leonardo DRS, which specializes in defense. electronics, joint ventures and partnerships (ATR, MBDA, Telespazio, Thales Alenia Space and Avio). Utilizing its expertise and leadership in technology and product areas such as helicopters, jet aircraft, airframe parts, electronics, cyber security and airspace, Leonardo is a leading competitor in the most important international markets. In 2020, the company listed on the Milan Stock Exchange (LDO) reported consolidated revenues of 13.4 billion euros and invested 1.6 billion euros in research and development. The group has also been part of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) since 2010, and became a leading aerospace firm in the index in 2021. Leonardo is also included in the MIB ESG Index.

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