Dog for sale and heart for love

Friday, 11 March 2022 – 18:19

• In the nineties the writer “Dan Clark” wrote about a true story that spread to more than one book and newspaper .. The story took place in a dog shop with the phrase (dogs for sale) written on the board .. A young man the boy no more than 7 years old entered the store and asked the shop owner about the price of the small dogs. The man said their prices ranged from $ 30 to $ 50. The boy came out with the money in his pocket. and were only 2 dollars and 37 cents! But .. the shop owner said there is no problem .. He asked for help .. I went out of town and saw 5 little dogs running around him. the boy noticed that one of them was trying to run like the other dogs, but I did not know, open and lame! around and licked him as if he knew him and was pleased with his presence! .. the boy asked the owner of the bar: What happened to this little dog? So throughout his life .. The boy got upset and said: This little dog is what I wanted to buy. The store owner replied: No, of course I will not sell it to you because it is defective; But if you will get it, get it for free .. The boy got angry and said nervously, why for free! And this dog is missing, as it is like other dogs and deserves what they deserve, and I want you to make your full gift now $ 2 and 37 cents and every month it’s 50 cents. The man said he was surprised: This puppy will not be able to run, jump and play with you like everyone else Other dogs! .. the little boy when he heard he folded the dog’s scarf and clothes and then raised a part of the pants and under it. his prosthetic leg and said to the shop owner: (No problem, I can not run either; this dog will need someone who understands this).

• The American girl “Marsha Aarons” … is the only one with father and mother … her father died when she was 8 years old; But she will never forget the day of his death! .. On the same day he died, he took his wife and daughter and went to buy the girl new clothes .. The girl saw in the window a dress of short white that was fluffy from below and had lots of drawings with roses she liked .. She said, I love her .. They went into the store and measured the dress in the test. I found her wide and strong because her body was still small. time, she was upset because there were no other dresses she liked .. Her father loved to create, so he brought her ice cream and welcomed her and her mother to the circus and had a nice day .. They went at home .. The father suffered a heart attack and died ..! She could not forget her father’s gentleness with him today; The one that left the sweetest memory he remembers .. She and her mother lived, and the mother tried to be mother and father at the same time .. When the girl turned 12, she stayed every day at 8 in the morning .She was surprised by a white rose in her name coming to the door of the house, brought by a representative of the flower shop at the beginning of the street! … Marsha’s attempts to find out who sold this rose to daily. failed and even when I asked in the store I did not know who would sell it that the price was paid by transfer! … She started her brain and because of the delicious female curiosity works and thinks .. who Sells the rose? … Of course, “Marsha” was a very kind person and loved others and was always nostalgic for them; That’s why when she came to list the people she suspects to guess which of them lost so much .. It is possible that her handsome young colleague who was with her at school loves her, but he is blind to express love for him; Especially since she was the only one who encouraged her when she played a basket in their school games! … She could be her neighbor who always comes back from the market and her car is full of custom she bought; When Marsha saw him from the balcony, she came down to help him move the bags of messages from the Arab house to the house! .. It could be the old man who lived on the first street and who was accustomed to winter. , will look for the answers that are in the outer mailbox at the entrance of his house to the end His apartment is upstairs to not get out in the cold! .. It could also be the owner of the dog she saved when she saw him at lying on the ground in the middle of the road, his leg was broken and paralyzed and he was taken to the veterinary clinic. to; Her mother said: (And after you know him! Just enjoy his gift and do not worry about it; surely he is someone who will return your honor, because you were very kind to him one day). the girl followed her mother’s advice and gradually began to forget the topic of searching for the owner of the rose and was content with the daily joy she feels .. When you get it .. the truth is how “Marsha” was nostalgic for people; Marsha’s mother was also one of the reasons why the girl inherited this sweet nature .. One day, she was an upset school fan because her boyfriend had arranged it and slept with her; I woke up and found her mother writing with red lipstick in the mirror of the hair model: (Do not be sad, he is stupid that he has lost you); This is not strange, but the strange thing is that she was not talking to her mother, but felt her mother! .. Once, on her birthday morning, she woke up and found her mother, who, incidentally. , was on the sofa of her nursery, the short white, fluffy dress she had seen herself for a long time, all the more so now that her body has become larger. And the dress suits her! .. Her mother did not forget the theme of the dress! .. Marsha’s mother passed away in early January 2010, which is the same date when the daily white rose was banned!

• I ask my mother at my juice hour and we drink tea: a service for your son and I would like you to respond with a word to cover it; When will I realize I’m nostalgic? .. She replied quickly: When he does not care about you .. I know a manager of one of the branches of a large bank in Cairo. After that I got married, so they had 3 engagements for a long time, and when I proposed to the fourth groom, she agreed with him after the first meeting, even though he doubts and is separated from the groom! .. Why? (henna) would be the head of her household with her if the passport were completed; And it was .. Anyone who did his curve with her designs so far, regardless of position and age, she has sandwiches while going to work!

• Every living being seeks tenderness in its own way .. Once it is found in a person or place, it remains an indication that this is my place for a long time and often forever .. Gentleness is the framework that surrounds every relationship from descent -the rises of the world and its vicissitudes, and it is he who promotes differences, and it is he who will not be sure of himself, except with someone who holds him in his heart and takes him as his approach. A nostalgic person hides with him the methods of cruelty and arrogance that loses any advantage other than them. taking tenderness) .. an important benefit in this world is that your heart becomes nostalgic, and most importantly, you end up without the people around you making you change.

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