Details of the Law on Possession of Dangerous Animals: 3 months in prison or a mijë 100,000 fine for anyone who keeps a dog without a license.

Mohamed Abdel Nasser

Posted on: Friday, 23 July 2021 – 18:15 | Last Updated: Friday, 23 July 2021 – 18:23

MP Ahmed El-Sigini: The draft law includes a chapter on the conditions and controls of dog ownership in Egypt

Rights activist: The law lacks legal protection for stray dogs and cats

Dog Trader: Selling and breeding dogs requires experience

Some see the dog as a “loyal” friend, others see him as a loyal guard, and among them is what he sees in his upbringing as a lucrative trade, and for all these qualities and advantages , Representative Ahmed Al-Sajini, Chairman of the Local Administration Commission in the House of Representatives, introduced a draft law regulating the possession and circulation of dangerous animals.

The law included a long chapter on the conditions and controls of dog ownership in Egypt and the legal penalties for violating these conditions.

Penalties related to keeping and licensing dogs under the draft law in Article 19 shall sentence the offender to imprisonment of not less than 3 months and not more than one year and a fine of not less than 50,000 pounds and not more than 100,000 pounds. .

While Article 10 provides that keeping dogs is prohibited except with a license from the competent Directorate of Veterinary Medicine, Article 20 provides for imprisonment for a period not exceeding 6 months, and Article 12 provides that the dog bearer be handed over a metal plate that holds the serial number and fixed to the dog’s neck Forever and if he loses it must go immediately to order a new plate paying its cost.

Article 13 stipulates that dogs must be properly restrained and restrained in order to control them while walking and to take them outside the boundaries of their shelters, provided that the age of the dog owner is not less than 16 years old.

Rabaa Fahmy, a lawyer, a member of the Advocates Committee who is interested in animal rights, says the House’s licensing law is a ruthless law, meaning that there is a concept of “loyalty” “to the law that provides for the right to kill communal dogs and cats in the streets, and this is an immoral thing that goes against the ethics of civil society, saying:” I do not care about the cheapest animal, but what is the legal protection that protects these? creatures in the heat of summer and in the cold of winter. “

She added that the animals on the Egyptian streets are homeless and can not find their food or drink, except the oppression that these creatures derive from the human element in the streets.

And she stressed that these animals have a rosary and shrine mother, based on Qur’anic texts, as they are harmless, saying: “These are animals that protect me, with” strichlein “toxins and carcinogens to eliminate the creatures of our Lord.

As for Ragheb Ahmed, a citizen of the Heliopolis region, he believes the idea of ​​dog licensing is a precedent of its kind and a great decision, as he raises 3 dogs “Bad Bull, German and Husky”, saying : We regularly raise, raise, treat and feed the dog. There is no fear whether it is outside the house or inside. And to be comfortable and calm next to him. “

Ahmed Zahran, a dog trader, adds: “I raise and sell dogs of all breeds, and buying and selling is done first through the mobile phone, then sending it to the customer and inspecting the dog, making sure of its health condition and specifications. which is agreed upon, then we hand over the dog and get the money, and the client calls Then, if we encounter a problem with the dog or ask about something, this constantly happens to clients who have first experience in dog breeding. ”

Training varies from dog to dog by type. There are dogs, lap dogs, guard dogs and saliva dogs. These dogs feed on chicken, meat and live on soup, and vary according to the dog’s education and eating habits. a certain thing from the beginning. Bring the vet every 15 days to inject the dog against various diseases such as worms and price and infectious skin diseases. I advise you not to raise or buy these dogs unless there is extensive experience in treating them.

Marwan Al-Sayed, a citizen of Ain Shams region, stressed that municipal dogs fill the streets and gather around garbage and pose a great harm to the citizens in the area, explaining that foreign dogs do not pose a danger as municipal dogs as a result of finding their at bedtime, food and drink, as they are dangerous in a case from the owner’s lack of control over it, especially if it is on the road.

Muhammad Talib, a garage guard in the Al-Warraq area, discovers that he uses dogs to guard cars inside the garage from theft, and this gives him a sense of security while guarding the garage and in the case of a stranger approaching the garage. or noticing an abnormal movement, the dogs begin to bark, and do not allow the person to enter the garage, as it serves as an alarm, and the dogs were introduced to car owners with repetition and hesitation in the garage, and they were distinguished for strong and slight smell sleep.

“Al-Shorouk” has monitored the prices and types of dogs, as there are 7 most famous dog types that have appeared, where the first comes the German wolf, which is classified as one of the smartest types of dogs, and is used as a guard . with insurance men, and its prices range from 2500 to 4000 pounds.

In second place comes the Labrador dog, which is one of the most popular species by families, for its tendency to play with young people indoors, which gives the family a lot of fun and freshness and its price starts from 1250 to at 5000. pounds.

In third place comes the pit bull dog, which is one of the strongest and wildest breeds in the world, due to its large body and jaw strength, while the Luxor Governorate in Upper Egypt is famous for a rare breed of dog, called the Armenian dog, which is characterized by its small size, thick hair and very intelligent, and its price ranges from one thousand to 1500 pounds.

As it comes Husky the dog, whose prices start from 4 thousand to 10 thousand pounds, and is loved by all because it is characterized by its gorgeous appearance and although it is loved in relationships with adults and children, it is strong and lives in a cold atmosphere.

The German dog is called the “police dog” and is one of the most popular breeds in Egypt and is characterized by a purebred, large size and strong structure, as it is very loyal to its owner. and its prices start from 2000 to 10 thousand pounds, but recently the golden dog appeared and Families started to accept it because it is very quiet and safe for children, and its prices start from 1500 to 3500 pounds.

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