Dangerous animals for sale .. Delivery «Delivery»

“A small lion on sale for 5,000 dirhams, a venomous snake for 10,500 dirhams and delivery (delivery).” The ads are filled with websites promoting the sale of dangerous animals, which are banned by law, while the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment confirms that it is working on an “alarm project”, which will include violations related to possession of prohibited animals and shall link them to the relevant authorities in each of the emirates.

The list of dangerous animals offered for sale, in addition to venomous lions and snakes, includes tigers, leopards, foxes and dogs, while prices ranged from 3,000 to more than 10,000 dirhams.

The law provides for imprisonment and a fine of not less than 50,000 dirhams and not more than 500,000 dirhams, or one of two penalties, for anyone possessing a dangerous animal, including dogs classified as dangerous.

The law prohibited any natural or legal person from owning, possessing, trading or breeding any of the dangerous animals and excludes institutions such as zoos, zoos, circuses, breeding centers, specialized care and accommodation centers, as well as centers and institutions. scientific research. whose work requires the availability of dangerous animals. , in accordance with the conditions and controls laid down by the executive regulations of the law, and the security or military authorities of the federal or local government are exempt from the license requirement.

In detail, the websites try to promote the sale of dangerous animals prohibited by Federal Law no. 22 of 2016, despite warnings issued by the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment in this regard.

A seller on one of the popular promotional sites offered to sell a “Rottweiler” wild dog, which was banned by law and the ad said it was a two-year-old female, priced at 3500 dirhams.

“Emirates Today” has contacted the advertiser, who is a resident of Sharjah, who has told us that the female has been sold, confirming that there is a dog of the same breed, eight months old, for sale at a price of 3000 dirhams. After shopping, he told us that the final price was 2500 dirhams, provided the delivery of the “shipment” dog, bearing the cost of his transportation.

The seller confirmed that there are different types of wild dogs, which he keeps in a place he did not disclose, saying only that he will take care of the delivery with the final purchase agreement.

In the same place, there is another ad that says different types of pythons are available for sale, even though they are venomous snakes that live in the tropics. A photograph of a brown snake weighing 250 grams was presented for 3000 dirhams and the seller asked the potential buyer to provide medium-sized mice to feed him.

Emirates Today monitored another advertisement for the sale of the “Tiger Anthrax Turk” snake, at a price of 10,500 dirhams, stating that it was imported from America and that it was “a kind of net snake”. , indicating the possibility that its growth will become large.

On a second promotional website, an ad was published for the sale of a two-month-old yellow lioness (a female lion) with a contact phone number and a photo of her, but the advertiser declined to respond to the Emirates. Today “call.

The owner of an advertisement for the sale of a group of leopards, lion cubs and arctic foxes in Sharjah said that he raised his animals in healthy conditions and the average price is 5000 dirhams each, indicating that he informs those who want to buy that they are risky to bear the resulting liability, adding that he transports the animals sold to the place specified by the buyer after the agreement.

On one of the promotional sites, there was an English advertisement for the sale of lions and tigers in the Abu Hail area of ​​Dubai. The advertisement stated that the tigers are from Bangladesh and Serbia and that they are characterized by excellent hygiene and health. Emirates Al-Youm tried to contact the advertiser, but his phone remained off, with a notice leaving a message with the contents of the requested request.

And a second page offered the sale of a group of little snakes, in Dubai, which he said would be fun for kids and could be placed next to each other, to look like a big snake.

One of the advertisers also offered the sale of a dog of the purebred “Shepherd” breed, emphasizing that it is of a “pure” German breed, but in the advertisement did not mention the required amount, while another advertiser said that the price of a dog of this breed is 6000 dirhams for the Swiss type and 7000 dirhams for the German type.

For its part, the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment confirmed the change and regulation of the electronic services system in relation to the import of dangerous animals, so that this is allowed only through facilities that are allowed to own these animals, in accordance with Federal Law. Nr. 22 on regulating the possession of dangerous animals.

She added that she had licensed the facilities that had changed their status in accordance with the law. She confirmed the holding of several meetings with clients, to raise the level of awareness and education, as well as the introduction of the law, procedures and mechanism for adapting the situation in accordance with the law.

He also confirmed the periodic coordination with the relevant local authorities in each of the emirates in this regard.

She said she was working on a “warning project” which would include violations related to the possession of dangerous animals and link them to the relevant authorities in each emirate, noting permanent co-ordination with authorities. local in each Emirates for taking legal action. for cases of sale of these animals, which include informing the police in the Emirates, to legally handle the case and the Communications Regulatory Authority to deal with the website.

wild dogs

Emirates Today contacted the bidder for the sale of a Doberman dog, which is prohibited by law, and he confirmed that the asking price is 4000 dirhams and that the dog is two years and two months old, refusing to answer a question. if he knows the law prohibits the sale of wild dogs.

One of them announced the sale of a family of forbidden Pitbull dogs, including parents and two puppies, for 5,000 dirhams each, indicating that the two puppies are less than 50 days old.

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