Cooking “Mansaf” in a Guatemalan volcano … Why did the Lebanese say to the Jordanian “like a zoo”? Egyptian media and the Al Jazeera complex.

Al Jazeera is one of the tools of creative chaos!
This is a recurring phrase, when the Egyptian satellite media announces it specifically on the grounds that it is a rare revelation to condemn the Muslim Brotherhood.
The phrase was mentioned by Brotherhood leader Khairat Al-Shater as part of a leaked material that appeared on the outskirts of “Choice 3”, which is held in its own way by the Egyptian drama series, in parallel with “Ramez Action” in his new version, where “Vandam” is on the Egyptian street through the screen “Umm”.
However, it is not about the new season of Ramez, but about the creative chaos, which was transmitted by Al-Jazeera.
As an Arab viewer who loves Egypt, the mother of the world, I noticed that the sound suddenly became louder and the camera came very close to my site Khairat Al-Shater as he was repeating this phrase about the island and the creative chaos. and if it were not for my belief in the media of Al-Hashk Bishk which is based on the accumulations of lack of credibility, I would have said that Khairat Al-Shater might not have said this.
Exclusively, in that phrase, Khairat Al-Shater’s voice suddenly became stronger in the documentary connection, then the camera manipulated the magnification.
Even if the husband said it, according to the technical context, it is possible to remember a child who physically put me with my photo and the sports dress in the form of “Neymar”, the big player and then the child asked me. : Sir, do you want to introduce yourself as Haifa Wehbe !?
In today’s world of technology many miracles happen and anyone who watches the Moscow television station responding to the accusations of Ukrainian and European stations about the Bucha massacre, knows this very well.
Al Jazeera has an army of colleagues whom we respect and have no problem with, except at the moment when it expects speakers who justify or philosophize on behalf of the occupying country.
Without this, and as an Arab citizen, I welcome chaos, whether creative or absurd, followed by a channel like Al Jazeera, which sheds light on the problems of the Arab tyranny regime and at least conveys to us some of the others. opinion, even if it has invisible intentions. All screens of Arab tyranny Chaos spreads among us without creativity, especially the TV screen “Cairo and the people”.

Mansaf cooking on the volcano

CNN also published the amazing news: “A Jordanian cooks Mansaf in a volcano!”
The young Jordanian, who in this case is an electronic blogger and photographer, hoisted our Jordanian flag over Al Alali as he visited the summit of one of Guatemala’s volcanoes. For the record, most of our people do not know where Guatemala is.
Our friend brought in his travel bag some hard crane milk stones and bought meat and a pot. When he visited the volcano, he noticed that people were serving coffee and boiled drinks over the ashes of the volcanoes, so he decided to document his eccentricity. cooking with an electronic proposal for the Ministry of Tourism to benefit from the individual project, which practically did not happen because the crew Ministry is busy paying the cost of plane tickets to promote tourism for trips that did not participate, as plane tickets have currently. come to Aqaba, but according to our private sources, they are empty of passengers.
TV Al-Mamlaka destroyed us day and night talking about “encouraging tourism”, but one of them reminded me again of the idea of ​​”panic”, where we suddenly fall asleep and wake up, even though Jordan is a tourist destination. par excellence, to talk about attracting tourists much more than providing the environment for them.
I was reminded of our friend “the big security-bureaucratic filter” who refused to give “foreign hairdressers” an entry visa to participate in a television program heavily funded under the pretext of “possible association with Hezbollah” . I liked that the people of the Ministry of Interior follow the hairdressers of the Axis of Stay, if necessary.
But the result was simply the loss of a $ 300 million “television tourism” project.

the misfortunes of some people are the benefits of others

By the same token, the medical sector lost billions of dollars because a certain employee decided to impose visa restrictions on patients from 4 Arab countries, while hospitals in Beirut and Istanbul flourished with hospitalized clients, whom we refused in Amman. for purposes. for the “fight against terrorism”.
One of the speakers for the Roya screen interview recently proposed redistributing livelihoods to revive medical tourism because it attracted at least $ 2 billion a year to Jordan hospitals in the past, and Libya’s distributed electronics are attacks the medical sector again.
One of the doctors in Lebanon, after the security restrictions on patient visas at the time, sent the following phrase to a Jordanian colleague concerned with medical tourism and on WhatsApp: “Hey … you are all pilgrims. Become more tough with sick people from Libya, Yemen, Iraq and Sudan.Beirut awaits them.
Afterwards, the Turkish tourist treatment provider sent a special thanks to the Hospital Association for its Jordanian contribution to the “operation of hotels and hospitals in Istanbul”.
In short, we are a people who “do not say a word” on “national security” issues, and we salute anyone who cooks volcanoes in Guatemala volcano, and we promise to oversee the “preparing a tomato pan” project soon. on the summit of the Himalayas, waiting for the meteorite that Facebook tweets talk about to fall.
And as I waited to be reminded of one of the most common phrases on Facebook, “By God, is this a taxable people?”

Director of Al-Quds Al-Arabi office in Amman

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