Colorful chickens, Chihuahuas and hamsters..innocent animals between the clutches of addiction and fashion

While Pinocchio wanted the wooden doll to win a soul, some people turned the story around and wanted to lift the spirits of some soft animals so that it could become a wooden toy in the hands of their spoiled children. A phenomenon that the Sunrise Arab wanted to shed his consciousness, would probably wake up from sleep and be awakened by his begging voice.

As I was walking down one of the streets of the capital, a crowd of people pulled me by something, I thought at first glance a colorful sofa .. When I approached, I saw fantastic colored birds, from fuchsia, mauve, yellow canary. and turquoise, which are colors not commonly found in any type of bird. The human hand appeared on those small bodies, which may have suffered during the dyeing process. He addressed the inhuman salesman, some girls and mothers, of whom she used some words full of selfishness and social hypocrisy .. “Shahhal two young men”, “Oh my life .. Shahal Minyo.” .

Once sold, these chickens sparked a wave of outrage and anger on social media, which caused many sellers to refrain from selling them, out of pity and compassion for them, but rather out of fear of legal punishment, forgetting that punishment in expectations would be much worse on Judgment Day.

These chickens usually die in the days after their purchase. It is not a toy, as children think, and it is not a soulless object, as parents think. our house is a mouse

One of the most popular pets in recent years is the hamster. It is certainly a fashion brought from the west, and advertisements buzzed with the sale of this type of pet mouse, online, for 500 dinars, and sometimes up to 3000 dinars, depending on the type and color. It is necessary to buy a special cage for hamsters. It stands out for its spinning wheel, and its price reaches 4000 dinars.

World celebrities, through social networks, have promoted the idea of ​​owning small dogs, to accompany them in their soulless lives.

The idea became a fad realized by imitators and fans. Among the most popular types of small dogs, recently, are the Chihuahua, which you will not get if you do not pay more than 70,000 dinars, and the Chuchos, Pomerans and Yorkies, whose price can reach 50 thousand dinars. As for the English setter, it exceeds 85,000 dinars. There are other species, with larger sizes, such as the American Stafford pigeon, which costs 12 million centimeters, and the Argentine pigeon, about 7 million.

Cats..from the Himalayas to Shiraz

The price of some cats is very high, Persian Siamese reaches one million centimeters, depending on their age. And the price, can be doubled or more, for rarer and more beautiful species, like Himalayan cat, Angora cat and Persian cat. Add to his shopping list his expensive accessories, as he eats at least 2000 dinars per bag, while in terms of pillow, or pouf, its price can reach 2800 dinars. As for the birds, they sing outside the phenomenon and we can make an exception in this matter, as our ancestors knew for a long time the education of canaries and canaries and others, and the bird society made it a philosophy of life, being teach them patience and endurance. However, there are some new species, which have become popular recently, like the Senegalese bird yoyo, whose price can reach 8500 dinars, the Gabonese parrot, the Badou chicken and the Sultan’s rooster and list, or to scare the others, either imitate, or boast, many visitors buying chickens. Unfamiliar animals, especially Bergerie, Malinoa, Charbonne, Pitbull, Husky and Akita.

multiplication but ..

According to Munir, a veterinary student I met at a pet store has the conditions to have a pet. The first is to make sure no family member has allergies. The second is to make sure the venue is comfortable, in terms of space and security, so that your new guest is not exposed to any damage. In addition to assessing the size of the responsibility, in relation to the availability of time and ability to make the necessary efforts, to care for this animal. Finally, remember the need to periodically follow a veterinarian, to maintain his and those at home health.

Legal livestock

Islam made kindness to animals one of the believers, while their harm and cruelty to them is one of the causes of fire. Most religious scholars find nothing wrong with raising birds, such as chickens, pigeons, and cats. And the claim that it contains bad or brings bad in the house, all this has no basis, but it is an issue in which there is nothing wrong and there is nothing wrong, provided you take care of it and take care of it and do not leave him until you die .. The Prophet – praise and peace be upon him – said to a woman She was tortured in a cat which she imprisoned until she died, then entered the fire. neither fed nor watered him when he was imprisoned, nor did he let him eat from the earth’s parasites.

As for the sale of cats, it is forbidden in the Shari’ah, as in Sahih Muslim, by Abu al-Zubayr, who said: I asked Jabr about the price of a dog and a cat (cat), and he said: The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and may the peace of God be upon him – he has commanded for this. The cat is clean, not dirty like dogs. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “It is not unclean, it is from those who roam around you and rafts.”

‘Umar – may Allaah be pleased with him – saw the people who used the chicken as a target on which they could learn to shoot and shoot arrows. in which the soul was an objective.

life companions

Psychologists believe that raising pets, especially cats, helps to properly build a child’s personality. Contributes to the learning of many good qualities. When the young child takes responsibility for the animal, takes care of its food and drink, he develops a sense of responsibility towards the animal. As well, gaining the quality of compassion and love for others. Likewise, he learns the system, because he provides food, at certain times, provided that the parents leave him the full responsibility of caring for the animal. It is also beneficial for adults, as it reduces feelings of depression, especially for the elderly. Cats are known to be among the cleanest animals. They spend many hours cleaning up. And in observing a living thing from a child, moving and growing, knowing the power of God – the Most High – and the greatness of His creation, he learns to respect life and honor the Creator – the Almighty -. And caring for our children to feed an animal teaches them compassion and responsibility.

Also, the presence of cats stimulates learning and creativity in our children. They learn from them exploratory behavior, when the cat first enters a new place, recognizes it and explores it. And when the cat dies, it prepares the child’s psyche for the loss of a loved one.

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