“Ataa Al-Citi” .. The new leaders shine from the Emirates

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Manchester City Club’s City Ataa program, in partnership with Etihad Airways, saw six young leaders visit the UAE with the goal of participating and interacting with local communities in the country as part of an information-rich pioneering experience valid.

The young leaders who were selected based on their dedication and commitment as leaders in their local communities using football as a tool for community development, went to Abu Dhabi for a unique experience that includes training sessions to develop skills leading a selection of trainers at Etihad Airways headquarters, and a tour Introducing the ancient culture of the UAE and its cultural monuments and major tourist destinations, including the Emirates Palace and Expo 2020 Dubai.

Zahra from Manchester, Mindy from Kuala Lumpur and Michelle from Mexico City expressed their happiness to embark on this special trip to the UAE, which was a global celebration that embodies the true meaning of the role of football and its impact on friends.

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Regarding her visit, Zahra, one of the youth leaders and trainers for the Community City Program, said: “It was a special trip to the UAE. We were able to witness the most prominent cultural monuments and distinctive tourist destinations that abound in the country, such as the Emirates Palace, Expo 2020 Dubai and Sheikh Zayed Mosque, as well as learn about the authentic customs and traditions of the local community. otherwise. ”

She added: “Everything we witnessed there from societies, cultures and backgrounds, come together and come together in an ideal way and under one umbrella, and we as young leaders belong to different backgrounds, but we try to achieve a goal, which is to transfer this experience in our societies and we work to make a visible positive impact. “


On the other hand, Mindy, from the charity Dignity for Children, a partner of City Giving in Kuala Lumpur, said: “This is my first trip abroad. It was a wonderful experience and I look forward to talking to my friends and community members, sharing with them the wonderful moments I spent in the UAE and telling them about the special places I visited. Being in such a wonderful setting at Expo 2020 Dubai was so amazing. “It’s a rare opportunity to meet different cultures and civilizations in one place.”

She added: “The trip contributed to the improvement of my professional and personal skills and represented an opportunity to develop my expertise in communication, teamwork and making the right decisions. “On the other hand we use football as a means of communication in our community project, everyone has the right to play in a safe place, and therefore football can change the lives of many people.”

Manchester City’s City Giving program features a global network of community projects, attracting more than 1,000 new leaders in more than 25 cities around the world. This year’s Leadership Challenge saw a jury select three distinct projects, presented by a group of young leaders, for the opportunity to travel, as they managed to showcase their outstanding leadership skills in using football as a tool to overcome cultural barriers and encourage the exchange of knowledge between their local communities.


Michelle, who runs the City Giving Project in Mexico City in collaboration with the charity Love.Football, expressed the passion and influence of young leaders for football, saying: “Football has been a pillar in my life since my childhood. All members My family loves football Football gives you a sense of the importance of participating and teamwork to achieve your dream, and the City Ataa program has contributed to changing people’s lives by giving them broad horizons for their dreams. “Embodying the importance of cooperation and participation and instilling it in souls since childhood. I feel happy to see the joy of children playing football and scoring goals.”

She added, “Football has become an ideal way to communicate and learn about new cultures. My participation in the Young Leaders Summit was my first time traveling abroad. I had some doubts that I could not provide training sessions for the children, but I had great support from my City coach during the trip, which gave me the confidence to talk and communicate. I then realized the role of football in promoting communication, even though everyone speaks different languages. The leadership and passion shown by our City coaches is what we will bring back to our communities. It was an unforgettable experience. “

During their visit to Abu Dhabi, the new leaders were able to offer training courses at the City Football Schools for local youth, where they transferred to the field their knowledge gained from their travels and cultural experiences across the Emirates. .

Michelle, Mindy and Zahra shared their success story in overcoming language barriers during a week full of knowledge.


Mindy said: “When I went to the city’s schools, I noticed how much the coaches and players were passionate about football. This feeling and passion was clearly displayed on the field. It is fantastic to see the impact of football on promoting communication between players who once played as such. I will share those memories in detail in my sessions for my compatriots. “

Michele said: “The coaches conduct the sessions and the training sessions here in a very professional and distinguished way, and I have learned a lot from them. Everything is organized here and the sessions are well prepared to cover all the required points in one session. Good session management is the key to success in delivering an excellent training session. “Despite the language barrier, we found other ways to communicate and achieve the desired goal, either through gestures or laughter with each other.”

Zahra noted that leadership “on and off the field” was an important factor she learned during her visit to Abu Dhabi. “We were lucky to have the opportunity to visit the football schools of the city, to attend a group of wonderful and useful classes, in addition to attending a seminar at Etihad Airways headquarters. We had to see how we could to be true leaders by providing valuable advice and information for future generations and using football as a source of inspiration. ”

She added: “It is not limited to providing performance in stadiums, but extends to reflect on various social aspects, mental health and what football benefits players and coaches. Football raises players’ awareness and develops their communication skills during their daily lives. “These are important factors for us as young leaders and we need to show how to turn football into a platform to create opportunities and develop the future, during our sessions to inspire the next generation.”


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