An environmental disaster threatens the population of the city of Beni Mellal

The city of Beni Mellal is experiencing a real environmental catastrophe, due to the polluted waters of the regional waste streams, which accumulate in a series of ponds, which creates unpleasant winds of hundreds of families living nearby, especially in the neighborhoods of Mghila. and Oulad Adrid, which are administratively affiliated with the Beni Mellal community.

In this regard, citizens in identical statements to Hespress confirmed that they have knocked on all the doors and tried all means, including stopping protests and marches towards employment, to confirm that the problem has become dangerous and that the previous council has promised to create a regional model launch that is subject to international standards The security of all is guaranteed not to have been achieved yet.

Fadwa Molouk, a resident of Amghila, told Hespress that the situation was “very bad” and that what was happening was an “environmental crime against man and nature”, urging regional governor Beni Mellal-Khenifra to “intervene urgently”. to stop committing this crime against the residents of Amghila and the rest of the surrounding residential communities. ” in Muttrah, ”she said.

Mallouk added: “At a time when residents were happy with the news of the creation of a waste disposal project with the required standards, which would prevent the leakage of smoke that almost took the lives of neighboring residents, today we are surprised by a disaster environmental with all the connotations of the word “, recording a major impact on water winds from designated ponds. For the solid waste squeezer for humans.

More seriously, the same spokeswoman continues, “These bare ponds are now threatening the surrounding vegetation and water bed, as a result of sewage leaking into neighboring fields, as one of them has been completely filled during the recent rains. , which prompted the company, Naila, to use prosthetic solutions to prevent leaks, without thinking about what would alleviate the unpleasant odors entering the home. ”

Fadwa Molouk also stressed that “the Moroccan constitution and international environmental conventions stipulate the mobilization of all means available to state institutions to guarantee the right to live in a healthy environment”, concluding that “the collective council that created this project in this country erred en masse and violated these covenants. ” and harmed the living and the dead, “referring to the cemetery near Muttrah.

On a visit to the aforementioned Muttrah, Hespress inspected one of three basins that had been filled to the brim with the carcasses of stray dogs and its siege was about to collapse, prompting neighborhood residents to express to the newspaper their concern for the seriousness of the situation, especially during rainfall, as it is difficult to control torrential rains.

At that time there was also a mixed committee of environment and security gendarmerie, representatives of the collective council, county council and some specialized interests, as well as a representative of the company, which witnessed a partial collapse of the aforementioned. basin.Until an alternative solution is found.

An official source revealed, for Hespress, who preferred not to be mentioned, that “the unpleasant smell of the aforementioned Muttrah not only threatens the residents of Mughila neighborhood, but also threatens hundreds of students who make pilgrimages from different regions of Ben. “Mellal-Khenifra to continue their studies at the Faculty of Science near Muttrah, and also threatens And, most importantly, the future of the region, which is betting on major development projects.”

The same spokesman said that “Muttrah, which will cost the state approximately 50 billion centimeters, has become a disgrace in the regional capital Beni Mellal-Khenifra, not only for its negative effects on the population, but also for its impact with the historical identity of the city of Beni Mellal, which once attracted the visitor with the greenery of its magnificent trees and the springs of Asardon. ” Al-Azbah, Bkherir Al-Sawaqi, the beauty of nature and the ancient history of monuments. “

For his part, the head of the collective council, Ahmed Badra, who was elected head of the collective council in the last elections on September 8, described the situation as “catastrophic and very bad”, expressing his fear of what. is more dangerous in the following days, and highlighting the damage to the population of Amghila and the rest of the city.Neighboring inhabited communities and water bed by the effects of Muttrah.

The head of the collective council said: “The issue worries me a lot, not only as responsible for the dirt community, but also as one of the affected residents, due to my affiliation in the Mughila neighborhood”, emphasizing that the reason is the negligence of the company responsible for the management of this facility. “

The same official explained that since taking over the presidency, he has done his best to find a solution to the problem, in coordination with state authorities and the interests of the relevant ministry, stressing that “the situation is very serious” and that “the company he is asked to rectify the matter, in order to save what can be saved before it is taken. ” “The situation is getting worse.”

The same spokesman also confirmed that he had taken all possible measures, in coordination with regional authorities and other interveners, to ensure the safety of citizens, noting that “the current council found this dilemma before it and predicted the inevitability of these results, and also understands the concern of residents given the damage it causes. Al-Muttrah ”, calling on the company to take the agreement, at about 51 billion cents for a period of 20 years (2017-2037), until its obligations are implemented in compliance with the law and to maintain the health of the citizen.

company reaction

Commenting on this issue, Ait Ouadi Abdallah, a consultant with Ecomed, explained that the latter has extensive experience in the field of waste treatment and investment in its assessment, noting that it previously had a successful experience in Fez since year 2003, and is now ensuring that Management of about 10 mills on Kingdom land, in addition to the Beni Mellal mill.

The same official explained that “the problem at the level of the monitored waste bin in Beni Mellal is very simple”, stressing that the biggest obstacle is related to real estate, as the dirt community is still in a conflict – still unresolved – with rights holders “, noting that the company was forced into this dispute in the person of its manager, which negatively affected its working time, as it became impossible for it to make installations in a property in dispute ”.

Among the other restrictions that the same consultant spoke about, in a statement to Hespress, were the group’s financial arrears in favor of the company, in the amount of about 24 million dirhams, which, according to him, affected the financial capacity of the company . the company and contributed to its shackles, saying that “if the group’s debt is spent, the land is legally liberated and the company will adhere to a quick work program that will solve all the problems within half a year” .

As for the unpleasant odors emitted by the waste liquids, the same official explained that the solution requires setting up a treatment plant, or at least removing the boiler from the population by about 5 kilometers, noting the role of the former landfill , whose. the waste was placed directly on the ground without layers that prevent leakage, in causing pollution Water brush.

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