Al Sharq shares with us our students in Britain the atmosphere of Ramadan

Al Sharq shared with our children students studying in British universities the atmosphere of the holy month of Ramadan this year. Cooking, reciting poetry, sports and other hobbies, and despite the distance from home, they wanted to convey the whole atmosphere of the month of Ramadan. Ramadan to their meetings, starting with the preparation of famous dishes and listening to religious memories during the morning parties they do in exile between them and from the beginning of the first days of Ramadan Al Mubarak, the leaders of the student community of Qatar. in British universities and in Ireland tried to arrange a place where students could meet, provide all the means to practice and prepare the famous Ramadan foods they eat during Ramadan in Qatar.

Daily group breakfast in Bristol:

The city of Bristol, located in the south-west of England, witnessed the organization of an iftar celebration every day throughout the month of Ramadan for all Qatari students present in the British city, attended by about 25 students, after a housing unit was shared in the “hawkins lane” facility in the city of “Bristol” for the rally. For iftar and suhoor every day and throughout the holy month of Ramadan and in our meeting with the student “Ali Amr Al-Hamidi”, the leader of the Qatar Student Club. in the British city of Bristol, he mentioned that the idea of ​​holding iftar in a group came to him when he learned that there were a large number of students who could not travel to Qatar during the month of Ramadan due to study. , and it was agreed to organize morning parties and prayer for a group of students in two apartments in the city center, a first apartment dedicated to breakfast and belongs to our student friend “Ghanim Al-Buainain” and a second apartment next door dedicated. in a council for gathering, talking and holding competitions after breakfast, starting from the afternoon prayer until the prayer and then preparing delicious food for breakfast. which are lukaimat, near Um Ali for breakfast. The daily breakfast party is studying at the University of West Anglia in the city of Bristol, and he indicated that Ramadan in Qatar is the month of gathering and meeting with family and friends, and given the study conditions in Britain and the distance from home, began set a daily schedule for the gathering to perform. Every prayer is on time except the terawih prayer, except that they have set aside a cooking schedule that will be after the afternoon prayer in which breakfast is prepared, and most of them are dishes known as Qatari qabbas, porridge, rabbit and samosa. , and each student contributes to the cooking of some of these foods.

Abdullah Al-Kuwari: A Qatari Ramadan atmosphere at Liverpool

Speaking about Al Sharq, “Abdullah bin Ahmed Al-Kuwari” student at the University of Liverpool in the field of financial accounting in the third and final year mentioned that the atmosphere of Ramadan in the city of “Liverpool” in particular is very beautiful . and not as tiring as some imagine due to the weather, and since the first day of Ramadan, I work with my friends, students studying in the city of “Liverpool” gather on a daily basis about an hour and a half before the evening prayer . break the fast and share the tasks associated with preparing iftar, such as cooking, preparing meals, holding meetings and sports competitions, as Muslims in Britain actually fast for a long time, up to 16 and a half hours, when it is time for the Fajr prayer comes at five in the morning and the sunset comes at eight in the evening and in his speech he made it clear that after the evening prayer there is enough time until dawn, where he exercises and pursues his studies and scientific duties in library. , and then prepare suhoor with friends.

Muhammad Jaber Al-Ahbabi: A new experience away from home

Mohamed Jaber Al-Ahbabi, a third-year law student at the University of Liverpool, explained that this is the first time he has lived Ramadan outside Qatar, describing it as a new, enjoyable and rewarding experience. easy. noting that fasting is not difficult for what others expect, as students and friends meet at a friend’s apartment, prepare famous meals and prepare new experiences in the preparation of these dishes, saying that it is an experience of re for me as I did not know how. to cook the most famous dishes, and from day one I started learning to cook and gain technical skills even in cooking, and we meet in iftar sessions, do races and practice hobbies, and sometimes go to restaurants. to eat suhoor as a kind of change while we are together, and stressed that the day of fasting has a blessing, as I have time to practice all my hobbies of running, reading and writing, because of the time management ability I have gained. when studying abroad.

Amna Al-Buainain: I spend my time studying and worshiping:

I mentioned to Al Sharq, a third-year student, Amna Al-Buainain, who specializes in computer systems engineering at Middlesex University, that the atmosphere of Ramadan this year in Britain is beautiful and time passes quickly because I’m busy studying because I’m in the final year of graduation and spend time between studies and religious worship.In fact, while I was preoccupied with studies and graduation projects, I could not meet any of my friends to have breakfast with them, adding to the dialogue of her hobbies to relieve the stress of study, so I occasionally exercise my passion in writing and writing poetry.To bring us back every year with health and well-being.

Maryam Al-Buainain: He met friends for breakfast once a week:

The student, “Maryam Arhama Al-Buainain”, said at Middlesex University, the third and final year in the direction of computer systems engineering, there is a breakfast party by students every day, but due to lack of time and project preparation graduation. , I do not have enough time to meet them every day, but I attend breakfast once a week, and time passes quickly as I spend it between studying, praying and reading the Qur’an, and the atmosphere of Ramadan this year is different because is my last year at university in Britain, so I work harder, adding to her speech in the East that she pursues the hobby of cooking for breakfast, where she experiments with cooking new dishes and enjoying them with friends, and she was Family in Qatar, residents and all Muslims around the world.

Abdullah Muhammad: We live in the atmosphere of Ramadan with our colleagues

The student, “Abdullah Muhammad Wasfi” at the University of the West of England in Bristol, stated that he lives the atmosphere of Ramadan by sharing friends and acquaintances from other British cities, where they visit and engage in hobbies and sports from the beginning. the day of the month of Ramadan and the students meet for iftar during which iftar is eaten and when the time for prayer comes the assembly is held to offer the taraweeh prayer. different dishes of food and that exercises every day after breakfast, where the healthy mind is in the healthy body.

Ibrahim Shahbik: We celebrate the holy month rites in Britain

Ibrahim Shahbik, a senior student in computer systems engineering at Middlesex University, said last year that students here in Britain spend Ramadan away from their parents and miss family gatherings, and that students here live somewhat in a good atmosphere during Ramadan, where they fast. . it is easy and we thank God for his blessing If we reach Ramadan and ask for forgiveness and mercy, and with the beginning of Ramadan, we organize iftar at a friend’s house and celebrate the rituals of the holy month of prayer, fasting and recitation of the Qur’an. ‘A meeting among students’ in Britain and given the length of the day in Ramadan, time can be split to practice hobbies and continue studying alongside Ramadan rituals.

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