After Corona, do you have to follow any travel procedures?

Some destinations have removed all travel restrictions related to coronavirus (Getty)

Many countries have begun to classify the coronavirus as endemic. For example, in August last year, the UK began transferring responsibility for risk assessment and risk management to individuals.

People were provided with free self-testing equipment and knowledge to manage risks. Today, people are managing their risk through measures such as self-testing, which has paved the way for travel restrictions to be removed more widely.

In the past period, several destinations have removed all travel restrictions related to the Corona virus, regardless of vaccination status, including some European favorites.

The United Kingdom, Ireland and Hungary lifted all restrictions and the Caribbean island of Aruba, the Portuguese archipelago of Madeira and Mongolia in north-central Asia raised entry requirements. If you are planning a trip in the near future, here are the basic destinations and requirements.

new rules

Planning a tourist trip, or a business trip, has become possible by more than 90%, according to what was recently confirmed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). However, this global opening for return travel still requires compliance with some guidelines, while other restrictions have been lifted, according to the tourist destination and airlines.

The travel instructions issued by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention remain unchanged and are based on the need to adhere to all procedures, including wearing masks at airports and on flights, and performing PCR examinations while many airlines have changed, including British Airways. and Virgin Atlantic, from its bases, and made wearing masks optional for passengers and crew members on certain flights.

As for the Arab countries, it is still necessary to refrain from putting masks on planes, for fear of spreading the virus, especially since some countries have not yet achieved herd immunity, with the exception of the Gulf states, where the vaccination rate has reached about 70% of the population.

wild movement

The recent opening by Turkey of its suspension bridge, which many international newspapers describe as one of the most attractive artificial corridors for tourists, could help boost tourist flows from Europe and Asia. The bridge that opened across the Dardanelles to connect the continents of Europe and Asia, helps the passage of tourists to Turkey.

China is also seeking to open a bridge to scenic Yunnan province and other regions, which is expected to witness prominent tourist traffic in April. Such bridges would help tourists to move quickly between different countries, regions and provinces and here the visitor and the tourist can ask about the measures taken. The answer is simply that there are no restrictions on the passage of tourists across land bridges, as there are several mobile applications that the tourist can record his data and attach them to the necessary documents, allowing him to travel through these corridors , and therefore travel procedures and ensuring the necessity of conducting examinations will be subject to periodic changes made by local authorities through these applications.

What about a vaccination request?

Coronavirus vaccination is an individual precaution, not a public health measure. If people are asked to be vaccinated before traveling, one reason may be that countries seeking vaccination do not want travelers to come seriously ill and would not prefer them to die on their own land.

Countries like Australia and New Zealand have been closed due to the blast but are now planning to fully reopen their borders. The ways and times in which countries change their policies and strategies depend largely on the risks that the government is willing to take, so state-recognized vaccination certificates can be a hindrance to the influx of tourists, so the visitor should check known vaccines. the number of doses required and the date of its reception.

Will we ever travel as before?

Travel will gradually begin to return to normal as governments acknowledge the continued presence of the virus and turn to public health policies that treat it as a normal case. This means effective control measures and rapid response.

During this period, aviation industry leaders are looking to find an innovative way to travel safely. The shortlist for the Crystal Cabin Awards 2022, specializing in aviation industry innovations, has shed light on aircraft from the inside, so that aircraft in the future will create safety distances between the seats, giving a kind of From privacy to families.

According to the Crystal Cabin price list, travel is likely to become easier and more flexible, with airplanes having ample space and cabins dedicated to sleeping, so they are more responsive to any medical emergency.

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