A horrible killer spreads through the streets of cities. Causes encephalitis and ends in inevitable death

Because of his danger, a world day has been set to fight him; Where awareness-raising operations are organized on September 28 of each year by the World Health Organization. But we do not need that date, to stop at the seriousness of the viral disease that causes acute inflammation of the brain leading to death. This date was chosen because it coincides with the anniversary of the death of scientist “Louis Pasteur”, who was praised for inventing the first vaccine against the disease and was not chosen to know the degree of suffering caused by Yemenis as a result. of this virus.

Dog disease is an infectious virus that attacks the central nervous system and causes acute inflammation of the brain. It is found in the secretions of infectious animals, especially dogs.

Rabies is an animal-transmitted viral brain infection that causes inflammation of the brain and spinal cord. Once the virus reaches the spinal cord and brain, rabies is almost always fatal.

The virus is usually transmitted when humans are bitten by an infected animal, often a bat in the United States or a dog in countries where dogs are not routinely vaccinated against rabies. Rabies can cause restlessness, confusion, or paralysis.

Fatal bites in the cities of Yemen

The capital Sana’a has experienced a huge outbreak of rabies in recent days as a result of the spread of stray dogs on city streets, who have been infected with “rabies”.

Stray dogs have spread to all Yemeni cities. Their risk increases in areas where there has been fighting and death, and corpses have remained undetected or buried. Where dogs eat them. And then you get furious and you become very dangerous, and from here the danger starts and increases.

The streets of cities such as Taiz, Aden, Lahj and Abyan, and a number of secondary cities on the west coast, South Marib, Al-Bayda and Al-Jawf, are witnessing a large spread of these dogs being infected by rabies as a result of eating the corpses of war dead, which makes them a threat to the inhabitants of those areas.

While medical sources in a number of cities talk about cases of rabies and the inability of the competent authorities to provide vaccines and treatment, pharmaceutical sources confirm that the value of a single dose of rabies vaccine is 50,000 rials, while the patient needs five. dose, adding to this the price of serum, which is equal to 250 thousand riyals.

She spoke to sources about the complete lack of official authorities in this regard, as the Ministry of Health, in terms of legitimacy, has provided only 150 doses of rabies vaccine over the last ten years, which is a small amount compared to the size and unprecedented disaster in this regard.

In the capital, Sana’a, the rabies control unit at Republican Hospital reported that between 30 and 40 cases of infection arrived per day over the past three months.

scary figures

Abdo Ghorab, head of the rabies control unit at the Republican Hospital in Sana’a, said in a press release that the center recorded 3,939 cases during 2021, including 34 deaths due to rabid dog bites.

Statistics of the Rage Control Unit show that in the period January-November 2019 there were 4,450 cases of rabies, compared to 4,223 cases registered in 2018, an increase of 227 cases.

While the Ministry of Health in Sana has announced that the number of persons bitten by dogs in the country, during the period January-August 2019, has reached 9,498 cases, of which 50 cases have died, an increase of 2,498 cases over 2018, in of which 7000 cases were registered, of which 18 died.

Sources confirmed that the health path suffers from a significant shortage of drugs to fight this epidemic, explaining that in 2019 he needs 50 thousand doses of vaccine, 12 thousand serums, 12 thousand “Anti-Tetans” ampoules and 30 bags of paint to examine dogs. , while the World Health Organization provides only 12% of these needs.

The patient is injected at the first visit to the doctor with a preventive serum for a period of 21 days, then with 5 planned doses, starting from the third day and ending on the 28th day of injury and is placed in the part of pasme. shoulder muscle.

There is no chance of getting to know him

Specialists point out that while a rabid dog or animal bites you, there is no chance of knowing if the animal has transmitted the rabies virus to you. This requires some tests to quickly detect the rabies virus, but may also need to be repeated later to confirm that you are carrying the virus.

If you are likely to be exposed to the rabies virus, your doctor will likely recommend starting treatment as soon as possible to prevent the rabies virus from spreading to your body.

There is no effective treatment other than dogs

“There is no effective treatment” in case of rabies infection, this is confirmed by many specialists and doctors, as rabies is usually a fatal disease, so if you think you are exposed to it, you should get a series of vaccines to prevent getting the infection. .

Getting vaccines and treatment requires taking the animal or dog that bites you and this presents a great difficulty for the infected, in addition to high vaccines and lack of “rabies” treatments, which causes a large number of deaths in case of infection .

How to treat

Studies, published in a number of international medical journals, show that a rapid-acting injection of (rabies immune globulin) reduces your infection with the virus. This injection is given if you have not received the rabies vaccine, if possible near the site of the animal bite, and as soon as possible after the bite.

A series of rabies vaccines to help your body recognize and fight the rabies virus. Rabies vaccines are injected into the arm. If you have not previously had the rabies vaccine, you will receive four injections in 14 days. If you have had the rabies vaccine, you will receive two injections within the first three days.

In case of price

Determine if the animal that bit you had rabies It is possible to determine if the animal that bit you had rabies before starting the series of rabies-injected vaccines. That way, if you find that the animal is healthy, you will not need to take these injections.

Procedures to determine if an animal has rabies vary depending on the situation. for example:

Pets and farm animals. Cats, dogs and thorns that have bitten a person can be observed for 10 days to see if they have signs and symptoms of rabies. If the animal that bit you remains healthy during the observation period and there is no rabies, you will not need to take rabies injections.

Symptoms of rabies appear when the rabies virus reaches the brain or spinal cord, usually 30 to 50 days after the person is bitten.

However, this period can range from 10 days to more than a year. The closer the brain is to the site of the bite (for example, the face), the faster the symptoms develop.

Rabies can start with fever, headache, and a general feeling of sickness (illness). Most people become restless, confused and uncontrollable agitation, may behave strangely, hallucinate and have insomnia. Their saliva production increases dramatically. Spasms occur in the muscles of the throat and larynx because rage affects the area of ​​the brain that controls swallowing, speaking, and breathing. Cramps can be extremely painful. Convulsions can be caused simply by being exposed to an air breath or trying to drink water, so people with rage can not drink. For this reason, sometimes this disease is called hydrophobia (fear of water).

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