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Leaders can not bear to disintegrate, lose their composure, or be overly sensitive. They have to drive well, despite the crises.

In this context, Carrie Siggins, consultant, speaker, author and CEO of StoneAge Inc., writes about how to develop into a highly skilled leader and recommends 5 ways to achieve it.

At the beginning of an article on the “Entrepreneur” website, Siggins said that leadership is a difficult task. Despite the success and glory that leadership sometimes brings, it can place its owners below credible levels. A leader can feel lonely at work, especially when he has to make unpopular decisions, admit his failures, and face regular questions and criticism.

She adds that all leaders have to deal with stress, but the best leaders easily handle ups and downs. They did not bother with the problems and went through them wisely and it is not always easy to do so.

She knows from experience what it is like to get harsh reactions or be forced to make a decision that negatively affects people and knows what it is like when a well thought out plan does not achieve the desired or expected result, and disappointment, disappointment. and uncertainty can lead to a breakdown of leadership.

Here are 5 ways the author recommends to increase your skills when the situation becomes difficult:

be determined

Self-confidence is a characteristic of leadership, which is often overlooked, but is necessary to cope with difficult situations. You need to be determined in your vision and in flexible decision making.

Siggins says insecurity was intolerable during the early days of the epidemic; Like many other executives, I had to make difficult decisions about spending and staffing. I didn’t want to fire anyone, but I also knew I had to protect the company in the long run.

As I planned the script, I held one thing forward, and that was my determination to overcome the downsizing; I was determined to keep my balance in good shape and lead my team with transparency, sensitivity and strength. This determination helped me in my decisions and kept me focused and determined.

I know when to say enough

The opposite side of determination is knowing when to say “It does not work”.

Flexibility is not about constantly moving forward; Flexibility also means the ability to let go and move forward. There are times when you have to be tough enough to withdraw, give up or change your mind.

Laying off is not easy, especially if you put your time, effort and reputation online. People tend to think they are right, especially when expressing their opinions.

But do not insist on something just because you think you are right. And even if you are right, there is a cost in your way. The toughest leaders know when to give up and move on.

A leader’s job is to make good decisions for his team and company, not to manage people’s opinions (Shutterstock)

seeking the truth

It is normal to be on the defensive when receiving harsh reactions or unpleasant news. But that doesn’t mean you should allow yourself to be on the defensive just because it’s a natural response.

If you want to become tougher as a leader, you have to treat yourself wisely when you hear difficult things.

My trick to achieving this is to seek the truth in my information, says Siggins. I recently hired a consultant to conduct a leadership competency assessment for my executive team and for myself. When he reviewed my results, he told me: “The reason why the company is not growing faster is because it is slow to evaluate the people on your team and tell them that they do not have what it takes to go to the next level. allow yourself to ignore things for a long time. Mark and be more direct.

“His words were stinging, I tended to stand up and say that I give people’s opinions all the time and that I am not afraid of these conversations.” Instead of expressing these thoughts, I analyzed his statements.

I shared the kind of comments I was giving people and realized I was right. I give a lot of opportunities to poor performers to change things.

I also believe that people can develop in their roles and surpass their current skills with enough work and desire. But this is not always the case. It leaves people stuck in roles for a long time, which ultimately hurts the company.

I sought the truth in his words and opposed the reactions with action, she added. I decided not to let it bother the company or me in the future.

seeking gratitude

When most people think of gratitude, they imagine what they are grateful for in life, such as family, health, and wealth.

Practicing deeper gratitude is considered to be grateful even for the difficulties in life. If you want to be a strong leader, you have to look for the benefits that come from difficult situations.

When faced with difficulties, I focus on the life lessons I am learning and the development that will come from overcoming obstacles and difficult times. I use adversity to build stronger relationships and learn more about myself and others.

Stop pitying yourself

Extraordinary leadership requires that you do not feel sorry for yourself; Being a leader is hard, sometimes you will not be thanked.

But that’s what you agreed on when you wanted to have an impact. You need to stop taking things in stride and let things get their way. Do not complain about the situations you face. Everyone will have an opinion on you. Your job is to make good decisions for your team and your company, not to manage people’s opinions. Your job is to design what it’s like to keep good notes. Your job is to drive, so drive with confidence.

Always swear to be calm and smart. Take responsibility for everything that happens to you, your team and your company.

With leadership comes great responsibility; Responsibility to make good decisions. Be transparent, give and receive comments and endure obstacles and disappointments. To be a great leader, you have to be more solid. Hardness does not mean durability. It means finding the right place between empathy, self-care, resilience, determination, self-determination and determination.

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