30 researchers and stylists at the American University of Sharjah receive a golden visa

More than 30 scholars and stylists from the American University of Sharjah have been awarded the UAE Golden Visa, which is a testament to the outstanding expertise of the university faculty and the supportive environment in the UAE.
Sharjah 24:

Today, the American University of Sharjah includes many scientists, designers and researchers whose international and national influence has given them the honor of obtaining a golden visa to reside in the UAE in the category of talents and scholars specializing in various fields of science and science. knowledge, and this visa comes as part of the UAE’s efforts to nurture talent and retain it to improve its position as a preferred destination for living, working and investing, as it offers the opportunity to obtain a permit long-term residency issued for a period of five or ten years within a comprehensive framework that allows the UAE to develop policies to attract talent from around the world.

More than 30 scholars and designers from the American University of Sharjah have received the UAE Golden Visa, which is a testament to the exceptional expertise of the university’s faculty members and the supportive environment in the UAE that allows let them work in their quest and excel. in their fields ..

Dr. Ghaleb Al Husseini, Professor of Chemical Engineering and Chairman of Dana Gas Professor of Chemical Engineering at the College of Engineering, was among the first 20 scientists to receive the golden visa in 2019. Dr. Al Husseini leads a team of researchers at the American University of Sharjah that received a patent from the United States Last year, he created a chemotherapy platform that uses microcapsules to target cancer cells and leave healthy cells, reducing the effects harmful to chemotherapy.
Dr. Al-Husseini said: “The gold visa is a great way to attract and retain talent, and getting a gold visa allows me to plan for the long term. As we know, research in the field of biomedicine takes a long time. to reach hospitals and clinics, for example, until a drug or drug distribution platform receives approval from the Food and Drug Administration, it must go through several stages including chemical synthesis, diagnostics, laboratory work, animal experiments. and clinical trials, all of these trials, and verifications can take 10 to 15 years to complete, and the visa is granted The golden age of these biomedical inventions is an opportunity to see the light, offering a sense of stability and a sense of ownership. “

Dr. Al-Husseini added that the issuance of this visa to many talented faculty members, students and graduates is a testament to the strong capabilities that exist at the American University of Sharjah, and that the university attracts strong talent, both within its faculty members. or students at undergraduate and graduate levels.

Juan Roldan, Assistant Professor of Architecture at the College of Architecture, Art and Design, was also awarded a gold visa based on a nomination from the Dubai Future Foundation.

Roldan saw in the gold visa an acquaintance with his work and the field of education in which he works, where he said: “Obtaining a gold visa is an honor and a privilege and I am especially pleased because it represents a recognition of the fields of education. and design within this national initiative, and is also a tribute to the work we have done over the years.The last eight years inside and outside the university within the interior design program.

Regarding Dr. Muhammad Al-Sayah, professor of Biology, Chemistry and Environmental Sciences at the College of Arts and Sciences, said the golden visa will allow him to expand his research, especially his recent work on vital signs of muscle damage. heart. , and Dr. Al-Sayah is scheduled to spend his vacation this semester at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States to work on the application of technology developed to diagnose SARS-CoV-2 biomarkers and antibiotic drug delivery systems.

Al Sayyah said: “The UAE aims to develop a knowledge-based economy where highly talented individuals who have the ability to innovate play a key role in its success, and the issuance of golden visas to many members of the community of the American University of Sharjah is proof of their high potential to contribute to the success of the UAE and I think we can expect a significant increase in the number of innovation-driven startups led by recent graduates in science and technology. “

With the UAE roadmap for the next fifty years focused on accelerating national economic development, Dr. Zaher Zantout, Professor of Finance at the College of Business Administration, said: “The Golden Visa facilitates the UAE’s efforts to become a world leader in international finance and business, noting the central role of academia in it.

Dr. Zantout is currently working closely with his research colleagues at the American University on research into the impact of the academic field of finance on the country’s efforts to build a knowledge economy, which has been particularly important since the American University of Sharjah started Ph.D. D. program in Business Administration (Finance).

Zantout said: “Faculty members and graduates of the American University of Sharjah regularly receive recognition and appreciation for their achievements and great contributions to society. As competition for talent is fierce in knowledge-based economies, I am very happy. to contribute through my work to the success and progress that the UAE is witnessing the UAE and the Gulf Cooperation Council.
Dr. Muhammad Al-Tarhouni, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Vice Rector for Postgraduate Research and Studies at the University, plans to introduce new doctoral programs and organize more research initiatives to promote postgraduate studies at the American University of Sharjah in line with the UAE Arabic. Plans to build a knowledge-based economy, said Dr. Tarhouni said obtaining the golden visa is a sign of gratitude for his contribution to the higher education sector in the UAE.

He added: “Obtaining a golden visa provides a kind of stability and allows long-term planning and contribution to building talents and skills that create change in society and organizations at the local and global level. Stability in the higher education sector is very important .because the creation, dissemination and application of knowledge requires time and continuity.Since the American University of Sharjah attracts qualified lecturers from all over the world who are known for their expertise in various fields, they will have the opportunity to make long-term plans stay in the UAE with the golden visa, thus further influencing the development of human capital which will lead to a more stable economy and the university has an extraordinary group of students, whose talents can be benefited and are preserved through the golden line.

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