The dough of the novel and the burnt price: Reading in “Bread on Uncle Milad’s table”

Does the novel achieve quality, acceptability, and inclination toward the reader’s inclination through the themes it selects? Does the novel’s merit now lie in “stripping society” and keeping pace with the prevailing visions of feminist principles, racism, minorities and ethnicities? Did the novel lose its imaginary dimension to return to the writer’s own novel, telling … Read more

Following the registration of cases … Fear of cholera spread to Iraq and the repetition of Covid’s “tragedy”.

Baghdad today – Baghdad In Erbil, in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, Amin, a two-year-old boy, had severe diarrhea and vomiting about 14 days ago, during a tourist trip with his parents to escape the hot weather of Baghdad during this period. of the year. After tests at the governor’s hospital, Amin was given intravenous … Read more

Her sleep will impress you .. Finally the camera enters the “Palace of Dreams” in which Yasmine Abdel Aziz lives the life of princesses !!

Monday, June 20, 2022 The time now is 11:25 (Ahdath Net / Rola Muhammad) The duo, Yasmine Abdel Aziz and Ahmed Al-Awad, created a wealth of media material, especially after recent rumors of their split, which ended with their return to each other’s arms. On this topic we will take you on a tour of … Read more

Web 3.0 Investments Will Increase Its Global Value to $ 41.98 Billion by 2028

The advent of the Internet led to the emergence of the most important technological revolution known to mankind, which is the Internet that broke down geographical barriers and made access to information faster and easier and connected users in ways that were previously unimaginable, until the world reached the new internet revolution known as Web … Read more

Breeders wait for puppy ears to keep up with social media

Our readers are Telegram users You can now follow the latest news for free through the Telegram appClick here to subscribe A BBC investigation has revealed that dog breeders’ networks are offering to mutilate puppies by cutting off their ears to continue spreading on social media. Mutilation involves thinning or ‘cutting’ the ears and removing … Read more

Reem Al-Faisal: I will create a private museum for my works in Metaverse

The Saudi photographer participated in the first exhibition of Arab art in the virtual world and witnessed a request to purchase her works in “NFT” format. A state of digital activity reflected on the Instagram page of the Saudi photographer, Princess Reem Al-Faisal, where she invited her followers two weeks ago to participate in the … Read more

On Sustainable Cooking Day, Iraq tops list of countries that spend the most food

Baghdad today – Baghdad Sustainable cooking is one of the modern methods of preparing food in a way that does not cause excessive consumption of natural resources and can continue in the future without harming the environment or health. With the launch of International Sustainable Gastronomy Day activities, which was designated by the United Nations … Read more

special | We publish the scenes of the trial of the “Butcher of Upper Egypt” after we referred his letters to the Mufti.

Today, Monday, Nagaa Hammadi Criminal Court handed down its verdict on the most heinous crime in Qena province in the past, after a housewife got rid of her three children and tried to kill her husband, poisoning the liquid, with the help and her love. The accused, known as the “Upper Egypt butcher”, dressed in … Read more

Kuwaiti Newspaper | The “shadow economy” wastes the efforts of monetary policymakers

A parallel investment sector outside the formal economy hinders efforts to control inflation ratesCryptocurrencies, “NFT” and digital content are investment tools that have restored the balance of money and reshaped ownership, investment and assetsIt achieves significant financial returns, maximizes purchasing power and high interest temptations are unable to do so and are ignored by central … Read more